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Your trusted companion in your culinary adventures. We aspire to be the go-to choice for food enthusiasts, chefs, and home cooks alike.

Taylor Made Seasoning LLC was created on April 25, 2023, to introduce some of the most popping seasonings in the world. Taylor Made Seasoning is a company that prides itself on producing quality seasonings with great flavor and a great price. The owner of the company has been careful about picking the best ingredients to include in all of her seasonings. She has had many accolades from people from all walks of life that have complimented her on the taste of her dishes. She always replies, “It’s the seasoning”. Ebony decided to share her secret ingredients with everyone by introducing her 3 most popular seasonings through the company. This is just the beginning, so continue to look out for more Taylor Made Seasoning.

Meet the Owner

Introducing Mrs. Ebony Taylor Jackson to the seasoning world has been a journey. Raised in the northern part of Louisiana, in a city called Shreveport, Ebony has cooked for countless members of her family and community. She is a wife and mother of 3 before anything, but a real entrepreneur is what pushes her daily to create a lasting impression. She has been interested in the industry for over 25 years and has made her mark, starting in her hometown with her signature stuffed potatoes for her food truck company, Taylor Made Potatoes. Coming from the humble beginnings of cooking for friends and family led her to create her own lane with the Taylor Made salads. A little over 9 years ago, Ebony decided that it was time to take her passion and turn it into a business venture. Tired of working from paycheck to paycheck, Ebony came up with the idea of selling her infamous salads to warehouse employees because she knew that getting quality food for a great price was scarce for them. The very people that she worked with were her starting platform. After tasting one of her salads, the word began to spread, and her idea became a reality. Creating those salads led her to create her signature potatoes, and now she is introducing Taylor Made Seasoning.

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Our Mission Statement

Taylor Made Seasoning company’s mission is to provide quality products that everyone will enjoy. We are dedicated to creating seasonings with quality and authentic ingredients to elevate the flavors of meals and bring merriment to the dining table.

Our Vision Statement

Our vision is to be a service institution that serves everyone from moms in the kitchen to executive chefs in the industry’s most illustrious restaurants.

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